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The VII Group is a full-service consulting agency that specializes in sporting events, sponsorship, philanthropic work, hospitality packages, foreign tours, and ticket promotions on the high school and college level. The VII Group strives to deliver exceptional experiences for all participating teams and phenomenal fan memories for any spectators through specialized strategy and event identity plans. At the VII Group, we believe that successful events begin with attention to detail and authentic experiences for the community, so we deliver on those things with everything we do. Our services also ensure that participating teams have the most premium and memorable experience possible.



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‚ÄčOne of the major components of planning exceptional events is connecting with the right companies and leaders to make it happen. The VII Group is known for making the right connections that benefit all involved. Previous sponsors include Adidas, Nike, Muscle Milk, Body Armor, Naked Juices to name a few. We are always looking to work with great brands and extraordinary organizations to continue to change the world of sports. We look forward to adding more premier companies and businesses that want to be a part of something exceptionally special.

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